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Electrical & Control Engineering Master's Program

Electrical & Control Engineering Master's Program


Electrical & Control Engineering Master's Program

Introduction of the department

Electrical & Control Engineering is a technology that is the foundation of all industries, from electric products used in our daily lives to power systems that are the foundation of national industry. Since the 4th Industrial Revolution, Electrification is a promising future field as its importance is increasing across all areas of society. In particular, we are fostering competitive R&D experts in the fields of Electric Machinery, Smart Grid, and Power Electronics.

Purpose and objectives of education

In order to acquire technical development and R&D capabilities in the Electrical & Control Engineering industry, it is possible to acquire expertise in the fields of eco-friendly electrification (electrical machines), smart grid (power systems), and power electronics (power electronics), and practice that combines theory and practice. We aim to nurture skilled R&D professionals. Specific goals include:

  • Providing educational environment and curriculum to secure professional R&D competitiveness
  • Internship activities through industry-academia cooperation projects, field practice, and collaboration with research institutes and companies
  • Presentations and thesis presentations at renowned domestic and foreign academic conferences under the guidance of an advisor
  • Nurturing advanced electrical control engineering technicians who can contribute to and serve the development of the country and local communities
Vision and career path

After graduating from the Department of Electrical and Control Engineering, you can get a job as a researcher at a large company, public company, government-funded research institute, or company.

Electrical & Control Engineering Master's Program and provide information about Name, Degree, Specialty, E-mail
Name Degree Specialty E-mail
Lee, Ho-Joon Ph.D. Electric Machinery
Ahn, Tae-Young Ph.D. Power Electronics
Choi, Dong-Hee Ph.D. Power System
Joung, Houng-Kun Ph.D. Automatic Control
Choi, Heung Gyoon Ph.D. Power Electronics