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This Table is about Program of Korean Language course and provide information about Class days, Monday to Friday(5 days a week, 4 periods a day, Notes
Class days Monday to Friday(5 days a week, 4 periods a day) Notes
Class times Independent study 09:00-09:30
Period 1 09:30-10:20
Period 2 10:30-11:20
Period 3 11:30-12:20
Lunch time 12:30-14:00
Period 4 14:00-14:50
Culture class 15:00-16:00
Types of classes Regular classes Classes for language skill, covering vocabulary and grammar, speaking, listening and writing
Culture classes Such activities as taekwondo, K-Pop, contemporary dance, Korean cooking classes, etc.
TOPIK classes Classes constructed specifically to help students achieve good results on TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean)
Levels Classes of 5 different proficiency levels (levels assigned according to placement test results)
Class size Each class has 10-15 students