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Application Process

  • 1
    Get application form by fax, phone, e-mail, and so on.
  • 2
    Fill out the form and submit it to the CJU Office of International Affairs with relevant documents before deadline.
  • 3
    After document screening, the recruitment officer will conduct an interview via Skype or in China's case, in person.
  • 4
    • Most n ations : Successful applicants will receive a Letter of Invitation from Cheongju University. Submit it with other documents required by the nearest Korean embassy. Each embassy may require different documents depending on your nationality and status.
    • China : Successful applicants' documents will be submitted to the Korean Ministry of Justice (Immigration Office) for visa application. Only those who pass the inspection by the Korean Ministry of Justice(Immigration Office) would be able to apply for a Korean visa at the closest Korean embassy in your nation.
  • 5
    Successful applicant should visit the Office of International Affairs at Cheongju University by designated period and register. Those who fail to meet the deadline without any reason will not be granted entrance into the university. (However, should any irregularities disable you from registering by designated date, applicant should contact the Office beforehand.)
  • 6
    Contact officer with arrival time and place before entering Korea.