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Department Contact

Contact Numbers for Each Department

Contact Numbers for Each Department
Department Telephone number Department Telephone number Department Telephone number
Korean Language and Literature/Korean Education 8315 Public Administration 8237 Computer and Information Engineering/Computer Education 8486
English Language and Literature/English Education 8348 Political Science 8248 Industrial Engineering 8516
Japanese Language and Literature 8339 Communication 8257 Landscape Architecture 8507
Chinese Language and Literature 8329 Urban and Regional Planning 8274 Environmental Engineering 8569
Sino-Korean Classics/Education of Chinese Classics 8586 Land Management 8282 Civil and Environmental Engineering 8466
History/History Education 8419 Social Welfare 8266 Music/Music Education 8612
Library and Information Science/Education of Library and Information 8402 Advertizing and Public Relations 8299 Industrial Design 8649
Culture Information Studies 8402 Biology 8525 Craft 8659
Economics 8177 Chemistry 8535 Painting 8670
Business Administration 8130 Genetic Engineering 8559 Cartoons and Animation 8671
Accounting 8144 Physics 8547 Drama 8700
International Trade 8187 Nursing 8991 Cinema 8692
Tourism Management 8153 Architectural Engineering 8475 Dancing 8691
Hotel Management 8161 Electronic Engineering 8457 Physical Education 8622
Law 8215 Laser and Optical Information Engineering 8498 Education/Education Administration 8633
Mathematics Education 8602

(The regional code is 043, the local area code is 229. If calling from a telephone within the campus it is not necessary to add either of these codes but simply the four numbers as in the table above. If calling from another province, first dial the regional code, then the local area code followed by the last four digits from above. For example, 043-229-XXXX)