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College of Health & Medical Sciences

College of Health & Medical Sciences

Department of Nursing, Department of Dental Hygiene, Department of Radiological Science, Department of Physical Therapy, Department of Occupational Therapy, Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science, Department of Sports Rehabilitation, Department of Healthcare Management, Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Animal Health

Department of Nursing

In 2009, Departmet of Nursing began course offerings with a quota of 40 students. Afterwards the quota was increased to 65 students in 2010 and 107 students in 2023. In June of 2015 and 2020, a "5-year accreditation" of nursing education program was granted by the Korean Accreditation Board of Nursing Education. The Department of Nursing operates a systematic curriculum, thorough education management and a national state examination program, a clinical practical skills enhancement program, a career skills enhancement program, and other extra-curricular programs. The department emphasizes character development programs or volunteer clubs to develop the sound character that professional nurses require. Furthermore, the Department of Nursing, which has a high standard of clinical practice carried out at distinguished hospitals throughout Korea and an outstanding intramural learning environment, boasts of a high employment rate and a high pass rate for national examinations, and most graduates are employed at distinguished university hospitals, leading general hospitals, or better, working as outstanding professional nurses contributing to the improvement of people’s health and quality of life.

Department of Dental Hygiene

Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Dental Hygiene, Cheongju University.
Dental hygienists are professionals who are responsible for oral health education, preventive dental treatment, dental cooperation and management to improve people’s oral health. In addition, the specialization of dental fields also requires the cultivation of dental hygienists with professionalism and leadership to contribute to the development of oral health.
The Department of Dental Hygiene at Cheongju University establishes and operates a long-term departmental development plan and specialization plan. We are dedicated to fostering competent professional dental hygienists by providing the best curriculum, excellent faculty, excellent educational facilities and an efficient clinical practice environment. We also have a graduate school in our department and are preparing for the development of lifelong education programs to provide continuing education and higher education courses for local dental hygienists.
Thank you for your interest and encouragement to our Department of Dental Hygiene at Cheongju University.

Department of Radiological Science

Keeping pace with Cheongju University’s educational philosophy, “Searching for the truth, cultivating morality, and practicing service,” its Department of Radiological Science was established with 30 students as a number limit in 2010 to train human resources who could actively lead the field of studies in Radiological Science in the era of specialization and globalization. Then, it increases the number limit to 33, starting in 2023. Today, Radiology makes great contributions to Biomedical Engineering, Life Sciences, and industrial technology development as well as the diagnosis and treatment of patients. The Department of Radiological Science at Cheongju University makes efforts to train creative and excellent radiology specialists who are fully literate and have technical skills to respond to rapid changes in new technologies in the medical environment. We invite creative students who have vision as experts in the field of radiation. The Department of Radiological Science is proud of a high employment rate and high national examination pass rate with high-level clinical practices performed at leading hospitals nationwide and excellent on-campus learning environments, and most of its graduates are active as excellent professional radiological technician who contribute to improving people's health and the quality of their life, working at prestigious university hospitals and first-class general hospitals or higher.

Department of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is used to assess, rehabilitate, and treat patients that have been impaired by a variety of causes, such as illness, accident, and/or congenital disease, and to perform preventive activities against physical injury or disease. This is a systematic and scientific approach to healthcare specialization.

Department Specialization
  • The best practical educational environment with the latest diagnostic equipment;
  • Enhanced training through the cooperation of specialized medical institutions;
  • Career guidance for students from a responsible supervisor;
  • Operation in the graduate school of physical therapy; and
  • A variety of clubs for US physical therapist license preparation and other activities related to physical therapy

Department of Occupational Therapy

An occupational therapist is a medical specialist who provides therapeutic activities so that people with impaired function can live independently. There is growing demand for occupational therapists as the demand for rehabilitation increases due to the increasing aging population, industrial accidents, and traffic accidents.
The Department of Occupational Therapy was established in 2013. Five professors with rich clinical backgrounds teach students and run courses that comply with the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) standards. We obtained the 17th place of the WFOT Education Certificate among the universities in which the department of occupational therapy is established. We are continuing clinical practice and volunteering through business agreements with various clinical institutions such as University Hospitals, General Hospitals, Rehabilitation Hospitals, Mental Hospitals, Children's Hospitals, Dementia Relief Centers, Child Development Centers, Elderly Welfare Centers, and Public Health Centers.
In addition, the Department of Occupational Therapy at Cheongju University has recorded a high level of passing rates in the national examination for occupational therapists every year since its establishment.

Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science

Biomedical Laboratory Science is an integrated science that combines basic medical science and life science and is an applied study that quickly and accurately diagnosis illness by analyzing the disease diagnosis, treatment progress, and prognosis based on advanced technology. Recently, the healthcare industry has been recognized as a high value-added industry, and biomedical laboratory science testing technology is being developed by converging BT, IT, and NT, and is emerging as a new growth engine in Korea. Likewise, academic, economic, and social demand is increasing for biomedical laboratory science. Accordingly, our school's biomedical laboratory science students are being trained to be the best candidates to meet the demand for this advanced application science. In addition, in order to produce creative human resources required for the realization of a healthy welfare society, we are training not only professional expertise as a clinical laboratory technologist but also the personality, loyalty, and attitude necessary for human respect.

Department of Sports Rehabilitation

Welcome to the Department of Sports Rehabilitation at Cheongju University.
Are you satisfied with your body?
In the past, people have focused on economic activities without taking care of their health. However, modern people value work & life balance and strive to manage their bodies and minds. Among the middle-aged, the concept of 'Health First' has become established. However, who will concern about your health by your side now?
Our department aims to contribute to health promotion by educating various theories and techniques applied to athletes in sports rehabilitation and applying them to the public. Traditionally, various non-surgical rehabilitation techniques have been used for the health of athletes. In the meantime, the approach to sports rehabilitation has evolved into a very safe and active form. Advanced countries are already promoting public health based on private centers that utilize professional rehabilitation technology for VIPs in sports.
The Department of Sports Rehabilitation at Cheongju University aims to train personalized health professionals who manage public health in the private sector. To this end, our department aims to focus on talents who can comprehensively handle various indicators such as medical examinations, exercise, nutrition, mental health, quality of life, and medical insurance necessary for personal health management.
Our department is interested in designing students' lives beyond simple knowledge education. The first step to success as a sports rehabilitation professional is to have a healthy personality. Deep concern about a student's aptitude through a healthy self and the search for a career path after graduating from college will determine the remaining 100 years of their life. Suppose a student accumulates professional theories, skills, and experiences to protect the health of others based on this personality. In that case, they will be able to lead a socially respected life for the rest of their life as healthcare professionals.
Department of Sports Rehabilitation will be with you in becoming an expert who independently protects someone's health without interference from others.

Department of Healthcare Management

The Department of Healthcare Management researches scientific and rational management strategies in various healthcare related organizations such as medical institutions, and public institutions, and cultivates professional staff to manage health administration, public health, and management research. We became the first of the 4-year universities in Chungcheongbuk-do to establish a Department of Healthcare Management in 2010.
Recently, medical institutions tend to either strategically and gradually enlarge and integrate their organization or specialize in one medical field, increasing the demand for excellent human resources with expertise in line with the development direction and management strategy of each medical institution.
Graduates are involved in health administration and business management tasks and policy research at top-tier General Hospitals, National University Hospitals, and National Institutes. In 2014 and 2015, the major was selected as the best department to work for in the school for two years running.

Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering

The development of enormous genetic information and information technology(IT) has led to the development of new drugs that can prolong life and enjoy a healthy life. In the Pharmaceutical Engineering Department, you can learn theories and practical skills to produce chemical and biological substances as high-value-added pharmaceutical raw materials or finished pharmaceutical products through formulation design, process research, and analysis research, focusing on manufacturing and quality in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, it is possible to increase understanding of pharmaceutical regulations and validation, design-based quality enhancement, quality control and assurance, and good manufacturing practices(GMP), and apply related knowledge to pharmaceutical-related industries such as cosmetics and food. Through this, it is ultimately cultivating talents who can respond to social demands related to national health promotion and pharmaceuticals.

Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

The biopharmaceutical industry, one of the new growth engine for the future, is growing rapidly through the development of advanced bio-technology and the introduction of convergence technology. We are conducting theory and practical training necessary for the development and production of cell therapy, gene therapy, therapeutic antibody, and vaccines to cope with the rapid demand for experts in the biopharmaceutical industry. In addition, in order to cover various advanced bio fields, we aim to nurture professionals with basic academic knowledges and practical skills in the field of biopharmaceutical convergence, diagnostic health care, functional food and cosmetics.

Department of Animal Health

The Department of Animal Health at Cheongju University was established in 2023 to foster human resources who can lead the era of specialization in animal health and welfare and various animal utilization fields in line with Cheongju University's educational philosophy of "Seeking Truth, Cultivating Virtue, and Practicing Worship". The Department of Animal Health makes a significant contribution to the diagnosis and treatment of animals, as well as to the development of medical, life science and industrial technology. We strive to train excellent animal experts with abundant knowledge and clinical expertise to respond to rapidly changing social needs and changes in animal health. Students with good character as experts in animal health, animal welfare, and animal industry utilization will do their best at Cheongju University's Department of Animal Health as leading professionals in society.
Head of the Department of Animal Health.