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View of the Korean Language
Institute and
surrounding buildings

This Table is about Facilities of Korean Language course and provide information about Location, Description
Location Description
Korean Language Institute Facilities
  • 37 classrooms, each seating 15 students: computer, DVD player, cassette player, air-conditioning, etc. Audiovisual equipment and heating and cooling installed.
  • Educational facilities:
    • 39 computer for classes and study purposes
    • 39 televisions for study purposes
    • DVD and audio systems installed in 37 rooms
Additional Facilities ※ There are many facilities that students can also use outside of the Korean Language Institute, such as in the Cheongju University Central Library and the New Millennium Information Centre.
  • Central Library
    • Reading rooms: for reading books
    • Reference room: reference materials such as dictionaries, yearbooks, etc.
    • Periodicals room: research papers, newspapers, academic journals published in Korea and other countries
    • Study areas: for study (2,452 seats)
  • New Millennium Information Centre:
  • Dormitory (Uam Village and International Village):
    • Reading rooms/study rooms: for private study