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Foreign Student Scholarship

First semester student

Scholarship awarded according to TOPIK(Test of Proficiency in Korean) Level(3~6, 40%~60% of tuition and entrance fee)

Other enrolled student
(International student academic excellence scholarship)

Awarded by College and division, from 33%~100% of tuition fee


  • Student ambassadorship
  • Cheongdae Times Scholarship
  • Working Scholarship

International Student TOPIK Scholarship

If an enrolled student acquires a higher Level of TOPIK compared to his/her TOPIK level when entering the university, a scholarship of 300,000 won will be awarded. (Only once)

Korean Government Scholarship
(GKS Self-paying International Student Scholarship)

From 2009~2010, international students with academic excellence were selected for this scholarship(Amounting 6,000,000/yr, largest scale in the nation)

Korean Language Students

  • Academic Excellence 1
  • Academic Excellence 1
  • Achievement award
  • Model Student award