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College of Education

College of Education

Department of Korean Education, Department of Mathematics Education

Department of Korean Education

The Department of Sino-Korean Classics Education was established in March 2015 with the goal of training secondary school Korean language teachers with creative intellect and outstanding character. In order to realize these basic goals, we continue to conduct both counseling management and character education for the mastery of the latest theories and knowledge according to each major and to cultivate the character of the teacher, with the ultimate goal to produce Korean language teachers with intellect and character. In addition, various activities such as special lectures of teacher certification by major, seminars, and teaching method acquisition, and various field activities such as educational activities, volunteer teaching, and teaching practicums are provided to the students to have them thoroughly prepared for the teacher recruitment test, and thus would be able to achieve good results.

Department of Mathematics Education

Modern mathematics, which has been abstracted through the structural methodology of natural cognition based on the human experiences, is the most powerful tool for grasping the nature of certain phenomena in society as well as in the natural world. It can be utilized in many disciplines including natural sciences and engineering as well as in humanities and social sciences. In addition, its importance and applied scope is very extensive in this rapidly developing modern industrial society.
The goal of this major is to train students to understand the basic concepts of modern mathematics and mathematical systems, to train logical and rational thinking, and to study and teach the theory and application methods of mathematics education, to develop a competent secondary school math teachers and mathematicians with a creative and harmonious character and a broad world view. Furthermore, a part of the goal is to train math people who can solve complex problems by applying their knowledge and information creatively in various fields in society that require mathematical expertise and information, and contribute to the prosperity of the society, nation, and mankind.