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College of Business

College of Business Administration

  • Major in Business Administration
  • Major in Accounting

College of Hotel Managemen

  • Major in Tourism Business Management
  • Major in Hotel and Restaurant Management

College of Trade & Commerce for the Global Economy

  • Major in International Trade
  • Major in Chinese Trade, Commerce & Economics

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences

  • Major in Integrated Practical Law
  • Major in Political Public Administration
  • Major in Social Welfare
  • Major in Land Management

College of Humanities

  • Major in English Language & Literature
  • Major in Oriental Language and Literature
  • Major in Library & Information Science

College of Media Content

  • Major in Media Communication & Korean Culture
  • Major in Public Relations Culture History

College of Science

Department of Applied Chemistry

  • Major in Electronic Engineering
  • Major in Electric Control
  • Major in Semiconductor & Design Engineering

Department of Software Convergence

  • Major in Big Data Statistics
  • Major in Artificial Intelligence Software
  • Major in Digital Security

Department of Integrated Energy and Photon Technology

  • Major in Energy & Applied Chemistry
  • Major in Photon Energy Convergence

Department of Biotechnology Convergence

  • Pharmaceutical Biomedical Engineering
  • Major in Bio Industrial Engineering

Department of Human Environment Design

  • Major in Architecture & Architectural Engineering (Department of Architectural Engineering)
  • Major in Landscape City Planning
  • Major in Civil & Environment Engineering
  • Major in Industrial Design

Division of Education

  • Department of Sino-Korean Classics Education
  • Department of Mathematical Education

College of Arts

Department of Art and Design

  • Major in Visual Communication Design
  • Major in Crafts
  • Major in Art & Fashion
  • Major in Information Interaction Design
  • Major in Cartoon and Animation

Department of Theater, Film and Music

  • Major in Theater
  • Major in Film & Music

College of Health and Medical Science

  • Department of Nursing
  • Department of Dental Hygiene
  • Department of Radiological Science
  • Department of Physical Therapy
  • Department of Occupational Therapy
  • Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science
  • Department of Health Administration & Healthcare
    • Major in Health Administration
    • Major in Sports Health Rehabilitation

Academic Division

  • Division of Aeronautics
    • Major in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering
    • Major in Aeronautical Science & Flight Operation
  • Military Studies