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College of Art

College of Art

Department of Visual Communication Design, Department of Crafts & Design, Department of Art & Fashion Design, Department of Digital Media Design, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Cartoon & Animation, Department of Film and Image, Department of Theater, Department of Sports for All

Department of Visual Communication Design

Dept. of Visual Communication Design at Cheongju University College of Arts was first established in 1977 as the Department of Applied Arts, the first of its kind to be established in the provinces. After producing its first graduates in 1982, Dept. of Visual Communication Design has contributed to the development of the domestic design industry by producing various experts in academia.
From our cutting-edge educational environment in the new School of Arts and Design building, which was newly built in 2008, we have been devoted to cultivating visual designers for a knowledge-based society through efficient lectures hands-on training and Further, for the purpose of leading a paradigm in the changing times. Dept. of Visual Communication Design provides training to obtain new design skills suitable for various forms of media in the visual communication design field such as print, advertising, and new media. Additionally, along with a variety of design methodologies related to developing creative ideas, design management, and design thinking, this department offers various curricula that is practice-oriented to cultivate expressive ability for effectively delivering information.

Department of Crafts & Design

Crafts & Design combine genre diversity, expertise, creativity, and artistry from the public and industrial design fields to individual and artist activities, and are majors with a wide range of career choices and activities after graduation.
In the basic curriculum of this major, the students will explore Metal works, Ceramics & Glass and learning about relevant knowledge. In the intensive courses, students are taught to be able to develop creativity and design abilities. It operates educational curriculums that cultivates operational skills in the formative school years that includes Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD, 3D Max, Rhino and 3D Printing programs and other computer graphics, and it also places a focus on the skills that can enhance student’s capabilities for finding jobs after graduation.

Department of Art & Fashion Design

The Major of Art & Fashion Design develops creative abilities of expression and communication with society by finding one’s own unique method through the consilience of genres, and focuses on training experts in the Visual Arts Field & Culture and Arts Industry Convergence field (such as artists, artist-type fashion designers, art and fashion industry convergence coordinators, etc.) to promptly adapt to changing times.
In the 4th Industrial Revolution that is already upon us, industries that are different from one another are actively converging based on ICT, and we are in the era of consilience where the breadth and speed of change is on a large scale and quite complex.
Creativity can only be developed through arts education, and character and communicative ability can only be fostered through humanities, history and collaborative education. The Major of Art & Fashion Design is based on such recognition and through a culture and arts startup coworking space, and with an integrated curriculum such as creative arts education, fashion design, and ICT education, it will cultivate consilient creative talent in the Visual Arts field and Culture and Arts Industry Convergence field.

Department of Digital Media Design

Digital media design is a study in which art and technology are converged to design the image contents required in the information society and the smart user environment of advanced digital devices. Our department combines information, interaction, and design areas based on user-centered design principles, learns creative thinking, human psychology and behavioral patterns, and studies various knowledge for the application of cutting-edge digital technology. In detail, it is a project-oriented class that proposes various design solutions through a circulation process such as empathy, definition, derivation of ideas, suggestion of solutions, and testing of problems occurring in the new digital environment through design thinking and service design methodology. proceed The output of the final project is produced in media such as web, mobile, software, Internet of Things, realistic content, and metaverse after learning expression methods such as graphics, videos, and illustrations according to the curriculum.

Department of Industrial Design

The 21st century is a knowledge-based information age that demands convergent design education that crosses the boundaries of complex, multi-disciplinary domains. The Major of Industrial Design teaches students to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge in order to develop professionals with international acumen. Based on harmonious thinking and expressions of reason and emotion, we explore new design language and raise individual creativity and competence to the stage of innovation and have students get involved in design education.
The Industrial Design major develops the personality and abilities of individuals as much as possible. The major aims to develop creative problem-solving ability and formative sense through organic linkage of each curriculum. It also aims to educate excellent designers with creative ideas and aesthetic expressions based on rational thinking and aesthetic sensitivity. After graduation, students will have a professional career in the fields of product design, UX design, service design, environmental design, space design, 3D contents, and CG.

Department of Cartoon & Animation

The Department of Cartoon and Animation was established with the goal of training accomplished artists with creativity in the cartoon, animation, game and film industry based on the long tradition of the College of Arts and is equipped with advanced educational facilities as a specialized major at Cheongju University. Education in this major includes the operation of a systematic curriculum from basic courses to intensive ones. Furthermore, this major offers students the benefit of selecting from a diverse and broad range of courses thanks to the faculty that have abundant practical experience in the field.
In addition, the Department of Cartoon and Animation provides extra-curricular opportunities including club activities involving Illustrators, 3D animation, and films, as well as other educational activities and interaction between junior and senior students, special lectures by experts and open classes which all offer opportunities for students to enhance their learning capacity and broaden their network.

Department of Film and Image

The Department of Film & Image, which has a tradition of 40 years, is the best department to cultivate talented people who lead the global market and the fourth industrial revolution.

Our department provides the best education to foster professional film and image artists that the future wants, and trains to adapt to the global era through advanced practical education.

Department of Theater

Since the establishment of the Department of Theater and Film in 1981, the Cheongju University Major in Theater has continued its 40-year tradition until today. From 2005, the major was divided into the Major in Theater and the Major in Film within the Department of Performing Arts and Film and in 2018, was reorganized into the Department of Theater and Film.
From 2023, it will be reorganized into the Department of Theater, aiming to nurture creative artistic talents required by the era of the 4th industrial revolution in the 21st century.

The majors are divided into acting majors and directing majors.
The Acting Major aims to nurture creative and unique actors through a convergence curriculum that integrates various media and genres from the basic course of acting.
The directing major aims to foster contemporary professional artists by strengthening convergence and complex content development capabilities in line with the rapidly changing performing arts world.

Department of Sports for All

The Department of Sports for All aims to foster professional athletes with the best history and tradition in the central region in the field of sports. It also has the highest level of infrastructure to develop physical education theory and professional practical skills.
Based on this, experts required by the 4th industrial era are trained through a 4-year university course.