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Energy Convergence Master's Program

Energy Convergence Master's Program


Energy Convergence Master's Program

Introduction of the department

The Master of energy convergence program at Cheongju University was newly established in 2014 to create, develop and lead the energy industry focused on the new growth engine of the 21st century, 'New and renewable energy system' and 'Secondary battery' connecting semiconductor and display industries. The purpose is to foster high-quality professionals who improve field adaptation and research skills through balanced theory and practical education by faculty members such as electrical and electronic, semiconductor, physics, chemistry, and material engineering with a convergent mind.

Purpose and objectives of education

In order to contribute to the development of new growth engines such as solar energy generation, and energy storage industries, we will cultivate world-class education and research capabilities and foster creative and enterprising professional talents who will lead the eco-friendly energy industry in the future.

Vision and career path

After graduation, it can enter various fields such as new and renewable energy or secondary batteries, photovoltaic power generation, semiconductor-related industries, and technology research institutes to demonstrate its specialized capabilities.

Energy Convergence Master's Program and provide information about Name, Degree, Specialty, E-mail
Name Degree Specialty E-mail
Kim, Kwang-Ho Ph.D. PV modules and systems
Kim, Jeha Ph.D. Thin film solar cell and Flexible device
Kim, Jae-Kwang Ph.D. Secondary battery and system
Park, Jinjoo Ph.D. Si PV and Energy device
Kim, Hong-il Ph.D. Secondary battery and system
Hwang, Sangseo M.Arch. Semiconductor/PV modules and systems
You, Sunkyung Ph.D. Fuel cell and hydrogen energy