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Electronic Engineering Master's Program, Doctoral Program

Electronic Engineering Master’s Program, Doctoral Program


Electronic Engineering Master's Program, Doctoral Program

The educational objective of the department is to cultivate people with professional knowledge, creative problem solving skills, and the ability to put their knowledge into practice through practicality-oriented intensive education. To achieve our objective, the department provides balanced education stressing theory and laboratory experimentation, and the chances of diverse cooperations with industrial agencies. The experience of research program in cooperation with industrial organizations and research institutes are offered to help students improve their research capabilities and real problem-solving abilities. The department offers a master's program and doctorial program in various research areas such as circuit and system, semiconductor, and computer and control. In most cases, alumni work in many fields such as engineers at companies related to electronics, researchers, college faculty, founders or employees of venture businesses, and as personnel in government invested institutions.

This Table is about Electronic Engineering Master's Program, Doctoral Program and provide information about Name, Degree, Specialty, E-mail
Name Degree Specialty E-mail
Park, Jin-Soo Ph.D. Digital communications
Lee, Cheon-Hee Ph.D. Electronic engineering
Lee, Ju-Shin Ph.D. Electronic engineering
Kim, Eung-Dong Ph.D. Physics electronic
Lee, Keun-Man Ph.D. Electronic engineering
Kim, Hong-Bae Ph.D. A thin film material
Kim, Hee-Suk Ph.D. Electronic engineering
Song, Woo-Yung Ph.D. Superhigh frequency
Lee, Myung-Ho Ph.D. Information communication
Chung, Won-Sup Ph.D. Semiconductor design
Choi, Dong-Han Ph.D. Electronic property of matter
Son, Sang-Hee Ph.D. Analog IC design
Sim, Hyoung-Kwan Ph.D. Information communication
Kim, Kwang-Ho Ph.D. Semiconductor device
Kang, Moon-Sung Ph.D. Electrical engineering
Yoo, Choong-Hyun Ph.D. Electronic engineering
Kim, Nam-Soo Ph.D. Mobile communication
Kim, Dong-Jun Ph.D. Signal discretion practical
Kim, Hak-Yoon Ph.D. Electronic engineering
Ahn, Tae-Young Ph.D. Electric energy
Yang, Oh Ph.D. Microprocessor design
Chan, Heong-Woo Ph.D. Semiconductor design
Oderesa Ph.D. Semiconductor analysis
Lee, Ho-Joon Ph.D. Electric Machinery
Choi, Dong-Hee Ph.D. Power System
Joung, Houng-Kun Ph.D. Automatic Control
Choi, Heung Gyoon Ph.D. Power Electronics
Hyun, Daijoon Ph.D. VLSI physical design
Paik, Woohyun Ph.D. VLSI Design