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Division of Aeronautics

Division of directly managed by CJU -
Division of Aeronautics

Major of Aeronautical Science & Flight Operation, Major of Aeronautical & Mechanical Engineering, Major of Aviation Service, Major of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


Major of Aeronautical Science & Flight Operation

The Major of Aeronautical Science and Flight Operation was established in 2012 with 30 freshmen. As to date it is a brand new and prestigious major with more than 50 graduates who, since 2012, became military pilots and 5 graduates joined different airlines during 2018-2019. We emphasize the value of robust aviation knowledge and practical flight training required by an airline pilot as well as a deep understanding of an aircraft. We also provide a cultivation program for students to have a good character in order for them to communicate well with people.

In order to educate well-qualified pilots with global aviation era demands, the Major of Aeronautical Science and Flight Operation offers the following competencies:
First, the cultivation of aviation professionals related to flights based on the knowledge of aeronautical science and flight technique.
Second, understanding of flight core courses such as flight environments, flight principles, and flight procedures and possessing the handling capability of ATC communication.
Third, acquisition of various qualifications (English, PPL, CPL, MPL, IPL) that must be attained before becoming an airline pilot through the theoretical and flight training courses.

Major of Aeronautical & Mechanical Engineering

The objectives of the Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering Major is to educate students as engineering specialists in the field of aircraft maintenance and aeronautical parts/system design, in order to deal with a rapid increase in global air transportation demand and vitalize the nation’s aeronautical and mechanical industry in the 21st century. The department therefore runs a curriculum regarding fundamental engineering theories and intensive practical/technical trainings. One of the special advantages of the major is that students can obtain the license of Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic while in college under the government’s approval as a national institute of aircraft maintenance. Furthermore, it is also possible to achieve CATIA International Certificate by running the CATIA ACP (Academic Certificate Program) Center. In addition, students participate in a variety of non-curriculum programs and activities to build up their creativity and acquire advanced knowledge related to their major, and most of them receive various types of scholarships. Possible career paths after graduation are aircraft maintenance mechanics or managers, design engineers or researchers of the aircraft industry.

Major of Aviation Service

The goal of our department’s education is to cultivate personnel capable of adapting to high-quality service jobs in the world as well as in Korea. In order to realize the educational ideology of Cheongju University, which is the spirit of the study of truth, enhancement of morality, and execution of public obligation, our department always do our best in the education of the main theories of aviation industry and in providing relevant practical training opportunities for high-quality services. Our department, the department of Aviation Services, aims to nurture personnel to be employed as aircraft cabin crew members and other advanced service professionals. To achieve this goal, our department studies all relevant theories in relation to the aviation industry, aircraft, commercial flight and services. Also, our department has a new service laboratory for successful practical training. Based on our efforts in the above studies and equipment provision, we believe that our students will be able to improve their abilities to be competent aircraft cabin crew members or other professionals that meet global standards for the high quality services in the aviation industry or other service industries.

Major of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS, Drone) is the representative platform of the 4th industry and is a collection of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, innovative materials, 3D printing, and 5G communication. The field of UAS applications is rapidly expanding from surveillance and delivery to Urban Aerial Mobility (UAM).
The goal of the UAS department is to provide professional engineers who will lead the 4th Industrial Revolution by offering a range of courses closely related to drones, from system design to production, maintenance and software development. Particularly, the curriculum provides students with essential theoretical knowledge of aerodynamics, avionics, embedded SW, flight control, and geographic information systems, as well as hands-on programs.
In addition, the department specializes in software engineering in order to give students many opportunities to develop and test drone SW based on a variety of supporting programs.
Graduates can work as engineers and operators in Drone-related Industries, the Government, and the Military. In addition, it is possible to advance to autonomous vehicles, robots and IT related industries.