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Division of Human & Environmental Design

College of Engineering -
Division of Human & Environmental Design

Major of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Major of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning,
Major of Architecture & Architectural Engineering


Major of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering is a field of study that focuses on the design, construction and operation of social infrastructure, for example, roads, bridges, tunnels, railways and high-speed railways, airports, harbors, dams and power plants. It is very important for industrial development and national competitiveness to respond to rapid changes in the natural environment.
Civil Engineering related subjects include Structural Engineering, Water Engineering, and Geotechnical Engineering, which are necessary for the design and construction of the social infrastructure.
Environmental Engineering related subjects include Environmental Chemistry, Water and Wastewater Engineering, Air Pollution Management, Waste Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, treatment of hazardous materials which are necessary for the design, operation, management and analysis of the environmental infrastructure.

Major of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning

The Major of Landscape City Planning consists of landscape architecture and urban planning, which is a combination of comprehensive practical science and applied sciences. This major enables students to acquire basic studies involving natural science and engineering in order to train professionals to plan, design, and manage territory environments, and it conducts practical lectures to develop creative ideas and a sense for sophisticated design. The undergraduate course enables basic theories and practices such as survey analysis, environmental landscape planning, complex planning, urban design, community participation, garden design, and related laws. In the Master's degree and Doctorate programs, by researching related theories and developing research competency, it is possible to get involved in active research on a broader and deeper scale.

Major of Architecture & Architectural Engineering

Architecture Program (5-year)
The Architecture Program (5-year) emphasizes the development of basic knowledge in the social, environmental, aesthetic, and technical aspects of architecture design, and focuses on producing competitive professionals who have a human touch and are capable of taking responsibility for future society. To meet international standards for architecture education, our school has in particular acquired the highest grade of architecture certification in 2017 from the Korea Architectural Accrediting Board.

Architecture Engineering Program (4-year)
Architecture is the study of creating a desirable physical form and establishing what constitutes a valuable living space for people, and in the process of researching beautiful forms and scientific functions, it also requires a command of both art and technology. From this perspective, the Architecture Engineering Program (4-year) seeks both the artistic and technical aspects of architecture by offering approaches from an engineering perspective that meet the requirements of functional cultivation and rational thought ability.