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Division of BT Convergence

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Division of BT Convergence

Major of Bioindustrial Engineering, Major of Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Science


Major of Bioindustrial Engineering

The bio industry is a new concept that integrates various fields such as medicine, chemistry, food, farming and cosmetics with new technologies to create various added values such as the materials and services required for promoting human health. Compared to existing general manufacturing ones, bio industry related companies are more difficult to navigate, and require refined processing technology, safety technology, automation of production equipment, sanitation, and high level of quality maintenance. This requires creative individuals who possess both knowledge of bio technology as well as the skills for production system management that are both systematic and advanced.
Bio industrial engineering allows for the production of bio related goods and services that are based on bio technology, the scientific analysis and design of a production system that effectively delivers these goods and services to consumers, and the systematic operation of said system. It is a specialized field formed from the fusing of the bio engineering, genetic engineering, and industrial engineering discipline that aims to train personnel who can maximize the productivity and efficiency of companies.

Major of Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Science

The pharmaceutical industry is an ultra-high value adding industry with net margins reaching close to 20%. With the increase of senile diseases and health issues that require ongoing management, the demand for professional pharmaceutical engineers is also continuously rising. The Major of Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Engineering was established in 2018 through the integration of the existing Pharmaceutical Engineering and Biomedical Science Departments. The major of Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Engineering fosters creative professionals equipped with theories in biotechnology and skills for product research and development and quality management in a bid to produce leaders for the future of the Pharmaceutics and & Biotechnology Industry. In preparation for the globalization of the pharmaceutical industry, the department is a leader in international standard product production and quality management practices as well as retraining systems for professionals in the industry. By producing professionals in the health & functional food and process control the department leads in the Korean Globalization of the Pharmaceutical Industry.