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제목 [No.225 Campus Story] GTEP division at our University, Participated in Thailand Food Expo
카테고리 CampusStory

GTEP division at our University, Participated in Thailand Food Expo 
: Supported for expanding exports of local SMEs, Negotiated contracts of more than 2 million dollars


The Cheongdae Times Cub reporter Tae-ho Kim



The picture of the students of GTEP who participated in THAIFEX


Our university GTEP announced that they participated in the Thai Food Expo (THAIFEX) held in Bangkok, Thailand (IMPACT MUANG THONG THANI), and performed support for overseas market development to expand exports of local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


The Thai Food Expo, which was held from the 24th to the 28th, is a global exhibition whose importance is increasing day by day as a bridgehead to aggressively advance into the ASEAN market.


A total of 13 students participated in this expo from our university GTEP, including Jin-won Kim (Department of Chinese Language and Literature, 4), Se-hwan Choi (Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature, 3), Su-yeon Kim (Dept. of Trade, 3), and A-yeon Lee (Dept. of Trade, 4).


Su-yeon Kim said “It was a good opportunity to apply the various knowledge I learned at university to the global field. I want to keep studying hard and then try various overseas activities.”


Through this overseas expo activity, our university GTEP, together with local SMEs, conducted export consultations and negotiations for over 300 cases in 7 countries and conducted consultations to conclude export contracts of more than $2 million.


Professor Jae-Young Lee (Trade Major), who is in charge of the GTEP at our university, said, “We will also participate in the Ho Chi Minh Beauty Expo (Cosmobeaute Vietnam) and ASD Market Week 2022 to be held in August.”


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