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제목 [No. 213 Campus Story] Cheongju University, held the ‘Startup Support Fund Delivery Ceremony’
카테고리 CampusStory

< Cheongju University, held the ‘Startup Support Fund Delivery Ceremony’ >


On the afternoon of the February 20th, Cheongju University held the “Start-up Support Fund Delivery Ceremony” to support the establishment of a university startup ecosystem.

On this day, Cheongju University Incubation Center, Numeruno, GM Tech, and Hana Nuclear Technology Co., Ltd. provided a specific purpose fund of 14 million won to Cheongju University Incubation Center incubation support fund.

These companies were conducted to boost the atmosphere of boosting start-ups in universities and to build a virtuous cycle of start-ups to enhance positive start-up awareness for early start-ups.

GM Tech (CEO Lee Se-chang), which delivered the fund on the same day, is a company that produces new technology wet dust collector based on orifice principle, which generated 860 million won in exports in 2018, and won the North Chungcheong Province Award for promising export business in 2019.

In addition, Numeruno (CEO Lee Eun-joo) is a cosmetics producer such as Anut, Ajung Functional Essence, Linkle Serum, and has won the North Chungcheong Provincial Office Award for promising start-ups in 2019.

Hana Nuclear Technology Co., Ltd. is an industry-academic company specializing in radiation management, specialized technical area, experimental testing and analysis, specializing in food analysis, agricultural product analysis, livestock product analysis, and environmental radioactivity analysis.


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