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제목 [No. 213 Editor Note] Take your time and listen to your soul
카테고리 EditorNote

< Take your time and listen to your soul >

If you doing work in an area which goes against the grain of who you really are, you need to take the time and listen to your soul. How long has it been since you paid real attention to your soul?

The meaning of soul is not a fashionable word. What really matters in life? Is it that you have a special talent that makes you a celebrity or is it how much money you earn?

Five years ago, I went to New Zealand to studdy English. I was in Auckland in the capital of New Zealand. I made a lot of foreign friends there. Most young foregin friends came to study English in order to get a job. But, one of our classmate was more than ten years older.

She made the decision to put her job on hold and do some soul searching because she wanted to try something new. I was strongly impressed by her.


She said to me, For years Ive felt like life was routine. Get up, go to work repeat. The railroad has been my work for 12 years, and all through the years, I have taken courses and seminars and read more books than I can count on how to find and live my passion and ture purpose.

So, she quit her job and moved to New Zealand to learn English and discover a different culture. Her final dream is to travel the world and take pictures of cities.

During my stay in New Zealand, I met many people like this who were also trying to figure out what they really wanted to do. They had fully devoted time to discovering what it was that I really wanted to do.

Does anyone else ever have that heavy felling inside them? That feeling that your soul is desperately trying to take control and get out of your comfort zone for once! Is there a book you have been dying to read? Perhaps a lecture you hope you can fit into your busy life?

Do it! Do it now! You think you can
t afford the time or the money? Im telling you, you cant afford not to. Follow your dreams no matter how uncomfortable they may feel at first. Weigh your choice by how they feel in your heart.


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