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제목 [No.230 Special] Eventfulness, 2023 Cherry blossom viewing
카테고리 Special

Eventfulness, 2023 Cherry blossom viewing


The CheongDae Times Senior reporter Jin-won Seo.


It was the first spring since Covid 19 restrictions were lifted. Many people came to see cherry blossoms. As of the 12th, 2.23 million people visited Seok-chon Lake which is a cherry blossom attraction.



A number of people visited the cherry-blossom festival where a Korea racing society is held. It was resumed for the first time in four years because of Covid 19. There were 250 thousand people coming.




At Ho-won Festival in Uijeongbu, 30 thousand people visited.


It was the first cherry blossom festival in four years since COVID-19. Many people look forward to it, but there are some worried opinions thinking about the ‘Itaewon accident’ last year. Each festival paid attention to safety and deployed firefighting and police personnel to prevent accidents caused by crowds.


The 2023 Cherry Blossom Festival was noteworthy because it was different from other years. It is the early flowering period. The first "None-Cherry Blossom, Cherry Blossom Festival" was held because the cherry blossoms bloomed earlier than scheduled and the timing was not right for the Cherry Blossom Festival.


This is because of global warming. Due to global warming, the flowering period has been about 10 days earlier than last year. Also, strong winds and rain caused flowers to bloom faster. Cherry blossoms, which were in full bloom in April, have already been in full bloom in March and got ‘cherry blossom-ending’.


SK Incheon Petrochemical canceled the cherry blossom garden opening event due to the early flowering period. Due to Covid 19, it has not been open for the past four years, but the event cannot proceed again this time.



Our university students would have been to Musimcheon Stream at least once to see cherry blossoms. The Musimcheon Cherry Blossom Festival in Cheongju also provided various things to enjoy, including food trucks, experience events, busking, and traditional cultural food experiences.

In addition, lights were installed along Musimcheon Stream to provide a space for people to enjoy picnics at night. 220 safety personnel were also deployed for the cherry blossom festival.


The 2023 Cherry Blossom local festival, which had been stagnant because of COVID-19, was revitalized for the first time in four years. Also there is awareness of safety accidents such as last year's Itaewon disaster and the early flowering of cherry blossoms.

However, thanks to the efforts of the host organization and the interest of the people, we were able to return to before COVID-19 and welcome a pleasant spring.


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