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제목 [No.230 Editor Note] The New Cheongdae Times
카테고리 EditorNote

The New Cheongdae Times

Hello, students of Cheong-Ju University. I’m Jo So Yeon, Director-in-chief of the Cheongdae Times this year. Greetings to readers with the first article published in 2023.


Due to unpredictable climate change caused by global warming, dangerous natural phenomena from the global village are occurring frequently in Korea along with drought and forest fires. Also, fine dust and yellow dust continue, so we should wear masks to protect our health.


With the lifting of the mask mandates, the daily life that was stopped due to COVID-19 is recovering. Our school is also showing more vitality than last year. We can experience more than before due to active school events. The activities of the Cheongdae Times will also be published as articles that can be accompanied by your daily life and various activities.


I'm going to start 2023 with new members of the Cheongdae Times. Although the first publication in 2023 has been delayed, we will prepare harder and deliver various articles. We will also publish card news through Instagram and Everytime to make it easier for you to read the articles.


We will be a Cheongdae Times that will help you in your school life. This year, I will visit you with various articles and interesting stories. Please look forward to the activities of Cheongdae Times.


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