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제목 [No.226 Article of Culture] Queen Elizabeth II of England died at the age of 96
카테고리 ArticleOfCulture

Queen Elizabeth II of England died at the age of 96


Cheongdae Times Cub reporter Seung-Min Ma


The death of Queen Elizabeth II was reported. The Queen, who had been in good health until three days earlier, reported deteriorating health. She died Septermbebr 8th in Balmoral Castle.


Although the royal family is not directly involved in politics, it means a lot to the British people as a spiritual pillar of the United Kingdom. As a result, many politicians and the British people were deeply saddened and many people visited Buckingham Palace and mourned. Many people also shed tears.


Reuters (https://www.bbc.com/news/live/uk-62842089)


Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned in England for 70 years, meant a lot to Britain. Queen Elizabeth II tried to cooperate of the world for harmony and peace because she went through World War II and the Cold War herself


When the news of Queen Elizabeth II's death, who showed great leadership, was reported, politicians around the world expressed their great condolences.


Queen Elizabeth II died and her eldest son Charles III takes over the throne. Charles III is already the official king of England, but he was declared king 24 hours after the Queen's death. The declaration was held at St James's Palace in London with the Accession Council.


At the meeting, Queen Elizabeth's death was announced by Privy Council President (now Senator Penny Maldon) and the Declaration will be read. Charles III's coronation will take place in a few months, according to custom.


His coronation follows the Anglican service performed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The archbishop will then crown Charles III with the official crown of Saint Peter. Charles III will be crowned with the Edwardian crown, the official crown of all English kings.


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