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제목 [No.225 Campus Story] Our University Drew attention by GTEP’s Environmental Improvement “plogging”
카테고리 CampusStory

-Our University Drew attention by GTEP’s Environmental Improvement “plogging”

: GTEP picked up 100 liters of rubbish, 8 km near Cheongju Bukbu Market and Musimcheon Stream


The Cheongdae Times Cub reporter Tae-ho Kim


Students participating in GTEP at CJU are taking photos after plogging.


Our university announced that Glocal Trade Expert incubating Program (GTEP) conducted “plogging” around the university and Musimcheon Stream.


Plogging is a compound word of plocka up, meaning “pick up,” and jogging. It means an activity of picking up rubbish while jogging, and is originated in Sweden. In Korea, it is also called “jup-ging (줍깅)” as a compound word of “jup-da (pick up)” and jogging.


33 students participating in GTEP picked up rubbish while running a total of 8 km in the vicinity of our university, Bukbu Market, Uam-dong, and Musimcheon. They collected a total of 100 liters of rubbish.


GTEP also put efforts into creating a safe and livable community by finding risk factors that could occur in everyday life in the area where the plogging was done, and through the Safety Report (https://www.safetyreport.go.kr), requested repairs for areas of damaged facilities and roads.


Jae-young Lee, head of the GTEP division at our university (professor in the Department of Trade) said, “This plogging event is planned to help students recognize the importance of the environment and further strengthen their awareness of living together.” And he explained, “Starting from this event, we will actively carry out various activities to foster young trade expects in action, and training young trade experts with a proper attitude.”


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