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제목 [No.225 Campus Story] Our University’s drew attention by “Hotelier Field Experience Education”
카테고리 CampusStory

-Our University’s drew attention by “Hotelier Field Experience Education”

: 62 people majoring in hospitality management, working experience at Mayfield Seoul Hotel


The Cheongdae Times cub reporter So-Yeon Jo



The Hospitality Management at our university announced on the 2nd that it had conducted 'hotelier field experience training' at the Mayfield Seoul Hotel.


The first on-site experience training for Hoteliers this year was held at the Mayfield Seoul Hotel from the 30th to the 31st of last month for 62 students majoring in Hospitality Management.


This field job experience education, which was an extension of the major class on hotel management, was conducted to motivate students through "hotel field experience" and strengthen the customized working experience at luxury hotels to enhance their employment capabilities.


On this day, students majoring in Hospitality Management at our university experienced a comprehensive hotel experience. At the Mayfield Seoul Hotel headquarters, they experienced hotelier attitude, the introduction of the hotel and additional facilities, banquet events and accommodation experiences from hotel representatives and team leaders for each part.


Professor Jeong-woon Seo of our university’s Hospitality Management said, “Through this Mayfield Seoul Hotel field experience education and hotel accommodations, students can see, hear, and experience the site at a real luxury hotel, and have an opportunity to grow further as hoteliers.” We will do our best to help Cheongju University hospitality management students achieve their dreams by conducting a lot of field experience education.”


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