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제목 [No. 225 Editor Note] Action must be taken at once! There is no time to be lost.
카테고리 EditorNote

Action must be taken at once! There is no time to be lost. - Miguel Hidalgo


The Cheongdae Times Editor-in-Chief Gyeong-Im Bok


It is June, the end of the semester. I am already writing the last article of this semester. I think time flies whenever I reach the end of something. I feel sad that I only wrote articles twice this semester.


When vacation comes, we will be free of study for a while. We will get freedom. The word ‘freedom’ sounds very positive. But I am afraid of freedom sometimes. I feel uneasy as if I were placed in a room with nothing.


But if you are too afraid of this ambiguity, time will go faster. You look back at the wasted time while thinking about what to do, there is only regret left. So first, you had better do what you can do, and what you want to do right now.


Why don’t you read this article and make a simple vacation plan? Whatever it is, it will help your future. Even if it is not a special plan, you should make a plan that will satisfy you.


The Cheongdae Times will also improve during the vacation and come back stronger in the second semester. I hope you have a fruitful and happy vacation.



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