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제목 [No.224 Article of Culture] 50 days of “Zero COVID-19” in Shanghai
카테고리 ArticleOfCulture

50 days of “Zero COVID-19” in Shanghai


The Cheongdae Times Cub reporter Tae-Ho Kim


As the lockdown in Shanghai, China, due to COVID-19 has continued for 50 days, dissatisfaction of citizens is expressed both online and offline. The biggest cause of such dissatisfaction is the lack of supplies due to the prolonged lockdown. Shanghai citizens complained that it is difficult to obtain essential necessities for life including food and water.


The strict lockdown, which prevents citizens from leaving the residential complex, has limited access to supplies for them. They can order food and water online, but online delivery also was not performed normally due to the shortage of supplies and delivery staff.


Keeping Shanghai's 25 million people from going out and continuously supplying them with food is a huge logistical burden. The Chinese government provided food to citizens, but it was not enough to meet their needs.


In this situation, the dissatisfaction of the citizens of Shanghai was revealed in various forms. A video of citizens gathering outside their homes in the middle of the night shouting for supplies were released to the BBC and other media outlets.


Online, many citizens have taken to social media to complain about the restrictions and the lack of food supplies.


Despite these problems, the strict lockdown in Shanghai, which the Chinese government has continued under the “Zero COVID-19” policy that does not allow even a single case of COVID-19 infection in society, has begun to be lifted on the 50th day of the lockdown.


Railway service between Shanghai and the outside has resumed, with city officials aiming to lift the lockdown entirely next month.





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