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제목 [No.224 Social News] Changing Due to Social Distancing and Our Attitude
카테고리 SocialNews

Changing Due to Social Distancing and Our Attitude


The Cheongdae Times cub reporter So-Yeon Jo


As the social distancing that lasted for the past 2 years was lifted on April 18, 2022, it brought about change in people’s live.


Also, as the outdoor mask mandate was lifted on May 2, 2022 there are many changes in people’s movements. After social distancing was lifted, the amount of movement across the country increased by 6%. It was found that the movement of the people continued to increase.


From April 11th to 17th of last month, just before the lifting of the distance, the number of nationwide movements was about two hundred million.


From April 18th to 24th, the first week lifting the social distancing guidelines, the amount of movement was 249.29 million people the previous week, which was 8.52 million people (3.5%) compared to the previous week, In the second week, 5.7 million cases (2.4%) increased from the previous week. The figure is smaller than before the outbreak of COVID-19.


Local events that could not be held before have started again, due to the lifting of social distancing. Daegu City has prepared various events and citizen participation program to celebrate the month of May at the Soemun Night Market and Chilseong Night Market, which are tourist attractions.


Children’s day events and an event for visitors for come to Gwangju City, the May 18 Democratic Uprising Eve Festival was held normally for the first time in three years On May 21st and 22nd.


The Eve Festival will be held from 7pm to 9pm on the 17th and will be broadcast live on YouTube. The Eve event, which could not be held normally due to social distancing was held normally.


As social distancing is lifted and outdoor activities are increasing, sales in the distribution industry are also increasing. Department stores recorded double-digit sales, and outlet stores were crowded without a break.


According to the industry on the 9th, it increased by 45% compared to the same period last year. Distribution industry has been unable to hold events for the past two years due to COVID-19, but as social distancing has been lifted recently, they are focusing on face-to-face marketing by introducing a variety of experiential content.


However, due to anxiety about COVID-19 and psychological factors, the obligation to wear outdoor masks was lifted, but most people were seen wearing masks while moving. Like this, the reason why people continue to wear masks seems to be combination of factors. Although, the obligation to wear an outdoor mask has been lifted, but the obligation to wear a mask is still maintained indoors.


Even with the lifting of distancing guidelines it seems the same as the COVID-19 era, but a different appearance will appear. While travel and gatherings are expected to appear a little freedom, people should take care of their health by thoroughly maintaining personal quarantine.


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