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제목 [No. 223 Opinion] Are you really busy or do you just feel busy?
카테고리 Opinion

Are you really busy or do you just feel busy?

Major of English Language and Literature, Assistant Professor, Yong-cheol Lee

My students often tell me that they are very busy with their work. This is not an issue because students are supposed to keep themselves busy particularly during the semester. However, saying “I’m busy” may point to a deep-rooted problem.

I often suggest to my students that they ought to participate in a contest. Most of my students, though they seem happy with my suggestion, are overwhelmed by my offer. They say that they are very busy and have no room to challenge themselves by participating in a contest that can test their mettle. My advice for my students is that they need to get out of this busyness trap.


I want to raise a serious question for my students: Are you really busy or do you just feel busy? Saying “I’m very busy” may mean that students have a full plate in their hands and they are doing many important tasks at the same time.

Unfortunately, saying “I’m very busy” cannot be a key to success nor a way of resolving many related issues. In reality, saying “I’m busy” negatively impacts student life and students are unknowingly caught in the busyness trap. Is being in the trap what you are really hoping for in your life?


A good alternative phrase for “I’m busy” may be “I try to be productive.” By focusing on what you are trying to accomplish instead of being overwhelmed and trapped by busyness, you will be able to keep your conversation pointed in a positive direction and have an opportunity to proactively share your goals or achievements without downgrading or being indifferent to them.

I hope that someday the students at Cheongju university will understand my point and challenge themselves by going to contests, no matter what, and keep my suggestion in mind.



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