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제목 [No. 223 Article of Culture] Declaration of the End of the Korean War
카테고리 ArticleOfCulture

Declaration of the End of the Korean War


Cheongdae Times Senior Reporter of Culture Affairs Jin-Hyeong Jo


Ahead of President Moon Jae-in's first Korea-US summit with the Biden administration in May, a bill to declare an end to the Korean War and conclude a peace agreement was proposed by the US Congress.


In September, President Moon Jae-in once again proposed a declaration of an end to the Korean War by the three South and North Americans, or by the four South, North, US, and China in his speech to the United Nations, urging the international community to cooperate.


To this, Yeo-jung Kim deputy director of the North Korean Workers' Party, responded positively, saying it was an 'interesting proposal', and directly mentioned the 'inter-Korean summit'.


Three days later, however, he fired a missile into the East Sea, saying, "There is no declaration of an end to the Korea-U.S. joint training without permanent suspension."


As a result, it became known that during the meeting of the chief representatives of the North Korean nuclear weapons program in October. Takehiro Funakoshi, director of the Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed his displeasure, saying that the declaration of an end to the war was premature.


The 'declaration of the end of the war' recognized by the two Koreas is equivalent to entering the process of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.


Starting with the declaration of an end to the war, the full-scale discussion of denuclearization begins, and only when denuclearization reaches a point where denuclearization is practically irreversible is the conclusion of a peace treaty and the end of the war.


The declaration of an end to the war is equivalent to the lifting of sanctions against North Korea. In other words, as North Korea's denuclearization progresses since the end of the war, it was found that discussions about lifting sanctions on North Korea at a corresponding level would come and go.


On the 23rd, Politico, a US political media outlet, announced that the US and South Korean governments were in talks on the text of an end-of-war declaration, but they were at a standstill over how to include the phrase 'denuclearization'. He also revealed that most of the forms and contents of the declaration were finalized.


The U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is visiting South Korea to attend the Korea-U.S. Security Council on the 30th. The biggest issue is the alliance between the two countries. The war time operational control transition negotiations have become a hot topic in the US.

He said that the transfer of OPCON and the second-stage verification of full operational capability for this are being discussed in a friendly atmosphere.


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