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제목 [No. 223 Campus Story] Cheongju University helps foreign students and small business owners
카테고리 CampusStory

Cheongju University helps foreign students and small business owners

Cheongdae Times Senior Reporter of Culture Affairs, Yoon-Ji Bae





Our university has produced a booklet introducing stores in English and Korean to revitalize the food alleys near campus. This was greatly welcomed by local small business owners and foreign students.


The ‘Cheongdae Curly’ team, consisted of 13 students majoring in English and English literature, literature and information, visual design, and advertising and cultural content at our university.


On November 25th, they announced that it has produced a booklet and map for introducing our university food alley in English and Korean. This can help both foreign students adapt to Korean life and local small business owners who have had difficulty operating their stores due to Covid - 19.


Each of the 'Cheongdae Curly' team members selected two stores (total 26 stores) they wanted to introduce. And in the booklet, each store was introduced as a booklet in the form of card news written in Korean and English.


In addition, they made a map by drawing the actual appearance of the store so that they could easily find out where the 26 stores were located. 'Cheongda Curly team' visited 26 stores and delivered their booklet ‘Cheongda Curly team'. They also plan to promote the store through Instagram, blogs, and the distribution of QR codes and various events.


This booklet production project was carried out as part of the Cheongju University 'Community Problem Solving PBL-Group Learning' program sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the National Research Foundation of Korea. The purpose of this program is for students to find out local issues and suggest solutions.


Kim Min-Seo (majoring in literature information) who participated in the program said, "I felt satisfied for the PBL activities because the shop owners said they were really grateful with the difficulties of operating the store due to COVID-19,"


Cheongju University Specialized Innovation Support Center Director said, " The experience that students gained in the process of going out of the classroom and solving problems will be very valuable and beneficial," he said, "I want to help students through various PBL-III programs in the future."


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