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제목 [No.222 Special] Squid Game
카테고리 Special
Squid Game
Cheongdae Times Senior Reporter of Culture Affairs, Yoon-Ji Bae
-The success of the squid game
'Squid game' is a Korea mini drama produced by Netflix and has a total of 9 episodes. Director Hwang (Dong-Hyuk Hwang) was writing the script and filmed it. The surprising thing about this drama is that it is gaining sensational popularity among 'Korean dramas' serviced on Netflix.
Netflix is available in a total of 83 countries. This 'Squid Game' topped the popularity rankings for dramas in 82 countries on October 1st and topped the popularity rankings for dramas in India on October 2nd.As a result, it set a record of being the first drama in the 'popular drama category' in all countries where Netflix is available, It has also topped the list for 23 consecutive weeks in the U.S. and 16 consecutive weeks in the U.K., setting a long-term box office record.
And through this article, I would like to find out the plot of the' squid game' and the reason for its success.
-Squid Game
Squid Game is a drama in the genre of thriller, horror, and mystery. The squid game tells the story of people who have their back up against the wall because they have a huge debt because they participated in the game.
Ki-hoon Sung, the main character of the drama, is a gambling addict who lost his job due to restructuring at his company and is spending all his assets on gambling. And he divorced his wife and lived with his mom. His daughter left for the United States with his remarried wife, and her mother's diabetes became so serious that she needed surgery, but they have no money.
In this desperate situation, Ki-hoon received a business card from a mysterious man and participates in the 'squid game'. All of the other participants have different stories, but they are also participating in the 'squid game' "voluntarily" after receiving business cards from a mysterious man, because they need a money. Those who participate in this game will receive a large amount of money if they win 6 games.
There are three rule which are basic and commonly used by game participants.
1. Participants cannot arbitrarily stop the game.
2. A participant who refuses to play will be disqualified.
3. The game should be stopped if many of the participants agree they want to stop the game.
Most of the six games were brought from actual -played the games in Korea.
The first game is red light, green light.
In Korea it called that ‘Mugunghwa’ (rose of the Sharon) flowers bloomed. The game rule is simple, they must reach the other side and can move only when the huge doll said “mugunghwa flowers bloomed”.
When the doll turns and catches any player moving, the doll detected it and the player is eliminated or when a player can’t reach the other side within the time limit, the player eliminated too; it means the player is killed. The reality was much worse than the game. Then people return to the game and participate in the game again risking their live.
The second game is ‘sugar honeycombs’
‘Sugar honeycombs’ Korea called it ‘Dalgona’. It is made using sugar in this same dalgona has four different shapes like circle, triangle, square and an umbrella. Player must accurately carve out the shape within 10 minutes without breaking. Anyone who breaks the shape or fails to carve the shape within 10 minutes dies.
The third game is ‘tug of war’
Two team of 10 members compete. In the squid game, a 'tug of war' is performed by tying hands to a rope and play it on a crane. losing team falls off the crane and dies.
The fourth game is ‘Marbles’
In this game, all players have 10 marbles, and two players play the game. Players submit 20 marbles within 30 minutes, without using violence. Player who uses violence or fails to submit 20 marbles all die.
The fifth game is ‘Glass steppingstone’
It is a game in which tempered glass and regular glass are randomly arranged across a bridge consisting of two rows and 18 compartments within 16 minutes. When player climb up the regular glass, the glass breaks, and a player falls down ground.
The last game is ‘squid game’
Player are put into two different groups, the offence and defense. As players play a form of tag using a squid shaped drawn on the ground. The offence player must tap the small closed- off space on the squid’ head with their foot to win, but the defense player can push the offence player outside of the boundary lines and then the defense player win.
-Reason for the success of the squid game
How did the squid game based on "Game" and "Death" become a big hit on the world? There are several reasons.
First, the rules of the game are simple. Most of the six games based on the actual games played in Korea. Therefore, it has very intuitive rules, so it does not require much explanation for the viewers. Therefore, people do not spend the time to understand difficult rules.
Second, it is the 'humanism'. in 'squid game, the players feature many socially underprivileged people. And the main character 'Ki-hoon' shows 'humanism' to those people. Unlike the general death game genre, in 'squid game' the focus is on 'humanity'. it is one of the success factors.
Third the ‘gap between rich and poor. In fact, it is easy to form a public consensus on the term 'the gap between the rich and the poor'. Most of the game players in the drama are considered 'bad credit' but viewer is a rich person. It talks about the problems of capitalist society in preparation for those at the extremes of capitalism.
The "gap between the rich and the poor" would have been well utilized so that the world could sympathize. Like this, the 'squid game' used 'humanism' and games with easy rules, which were not often used well in the 'death game' genre. In addition, it succeeded in making good use of factors that could form a global consensus, such as the gap between the rich and the poor.

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