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제목 [No 220 Article of Culture] 2020 Tokyo Olympic, Performance of South Korea National Team
카테고리 ArticleOfCulture

2020 Tokyo Olympic, Performance of South Korea National Team


Cheongdae Times Senior Reporter of International Affairs, Seong-won Kim


The 2020 Tokyo Olympic, which was postponed for a year because of COVID-19, opened on July 23rd and ended on August 8th. The South Korean national team finished 16th, with six gold medals, four silver medals and ten bronze medals.


In this article, We would like to talk about the events and performance of the key players that received the attention of the entire nation during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic.


1. Archery


San An, who won triple gold medals for the first time in the Olympic archery history.


The women’s archery team of South Korea won a gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic, setting a remarkable record of winning nine times in a row. This record is so special because it means that women’s archery team of South Korea has never lost since the 1988 Seoul Olympics when archery was first adopted as an Olympic sport.


In addition, An San, super star of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic, became the first archer to win triple gold medals in the history of Olympic archery (coed game, women’s team, women’s individual) Additionally, the men’s archery team of South Korea won two consecutive gold medal following the 2016 Rio Olympic.


2. Women’s volleyball


The women’s volleyball team of South Korea after winning the quarterfinals against Turkey.


The women’s volleyball team’s performance was unbelievable and made people’s hearts race. The women’s volleyball team, led by Yeon-kyung Kim, lost 0-3 to Brazil in their first game, but they won 3-2 over the Dominican Republic and 3-0 victory over Kenya.


Also, they won 3-2 over our ‘Eternal Rival’ Japan to confirm their advance to the quarterfinals. Subsequently, they achieved a miracle by winning 3-2 against Turkey, the world’s fourth ranked team, in the quarterfinals.


Although they lost 0-3 against Brazil in the semi-finals and Serbia in the third and fourth place,, women’s volleyball became more popular in South Korea through this Olympics.


3. Men’s fencing


Jeong-hwan Kim, who is the big brother of Korea fencing national team


The superstar of the fencing national team in this Olympics is definitely Jeong-hwan Kim who is the big brother of men’s sabre event. He raised the status of Korean fencing by winning the gold medal in the men’s team (Sabre) and bronze medal in the men’s individual (Sabre).


The reason why people were surprised when he showed amazing performance in this Olympics was because he came out of retirement, to compete in Tokyo. He retired at the 2018 Jakarta-Palebang Asian Games. But he made a surprise return in 2021 and achieved a surprising performance in 2020 Tokyo Olympics.



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