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제목 [No. 220 Editor Note] Life is either a daring adventure or nothing
카테고리 EditorNote

Cheongdae Times Editor-in-Chief Gyeong-Im Bok


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing Helen Keller


A long summer vacation passed, a new semester has begun. Looking at the clear sky, autumn is already near. It is easy to lose your health especially in changing seasons, so take care of your health.


I feel excitement and fear at the same time when I have a new beginning. I am looking forward to an unpredictable future, and I am also worried about bad things happening that I cannot handle.


Among the complicated emotions, I expect more excitement than worry. The future will be more enjoyable because it is uncertain. The future is empty notebook. We just opened the first page of the notebook called The New Semester. What you write in this notebook is up to you.


You may hesitate to write something in a clean notebook. You may make a mistake while carefully writing on the first page. However, thanks to the mistake you can use the notebook comfortably.


So, do not be afraid to write in your notebook. When future we are going to write becomes the past, including the mistakes in the notebook, it will be a good memory.



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