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제목 [No. 219 Special] The Ice Cream Season is Back!
카테고리 Special

The Ice Cream Season is Back! 


Cheongdae Times Editor-in-Chief Gyeong-Im Bok


Early summer began in June. Ice cream is the most popular food when the weather is getting hot. Ice cream companies released lots of new products this summer. So, unique ice creams are increasing. I will introduce a few conspicuous ice creams.


1. Men-bung-eo Ssa-man-ko (Spicy fish shape ice cream)

http://cu.bgfretail.com/product/product.do?category=product&depth2=4&depth3=4(cu 홈페이지)


“Spicy chicken sauce in sweet vanilla ice cream!”


Ssa-man-co is a fish shape ice cream. There are vanilla ice cream and red beans in the fish shape cookie. The newly released Ssa-man-co also have spicy sauce. The spicy taste is the Bul-dak source.


Bul-dak sauce is the seasoning of Bul-dak stir-fried noodles. Bul-dak stir-fried noodle is Korea ramen with very spicy sauce. The ingredient of ice cream is vanilla ice cream, red beans, and Bul-dak sauce. When I first ate it, I feel little spicy taste.


Because vanilla and red beans restrain the strong spicy taste of the Bul-dak sauce. The first flavor is sweet and the last flavor is spicy, which is a good taste. However, ice cream also contain Bul-dak sauce, so it gets spicier as I eat it.


If you want to enjoy spicy and soft flavors at the same time, you should try it. I do not recommend to people who really cannot eat spicy food because there is a lot of Bul-dak sauce.


2. Bravo cone Mugwort & Red bean


http://www.dt.co.kr/contents.html?article_no=2021042102109923053008 (디지털타임스)


“Mugwort & Red bean ice cream for beginners!”


Bravo cone mugwort & red bean is lmugwort and red bean taste, as the name suggests. I was most curious about the taste of mugwort ice cream. Ice cream consists of 90% mugwort ice cream and 10% red bean sediment.



The ice cream color is green, so it did not look very delicious. Flavor is almost like mugwort. Mugwort ice cream have no bitter and grass flavor and it was more fragrant than I thought. If you can only feel the mugwort flavor in the ice cream, you bored quickly.


However, there is red bean in the middle of the ice cream, so it makes the taste interesting. Bravo cone mugwort & red bean is so good taste that I can eat mugwort without any burden. If you do not like mugwort, you try this ice cream to get closer to mugwort.


3. Walnut Almond adlay cone

https://www.allview.news/i-must-eat-this-cu-ooo-taste-that-is-about-to-be-released-at-a-convenience-store-jasmine/ (allview)


“Walnut Almond adlay cone you can eat with trust!”


Walnut Almond adlay cone is made of Walnut Almond adlay tea. This adlay tea contains tiny nuts. It is popular among men and women of all ages because it tastes savory and not burdensome. Walnut almond adlay cone's ingredient was the same as tea.


There are nuts in the adlay ice cream. Nuts are chewed between delicate adlay scent. The sweet taste of adlay and savory nuts go well together. It was not strong flavor because it was cold ice cream. Taste of tea and ice cream taste almost the same, so you will not be disappointed if you look forward to the taste of walnut almond adlay tea.


4. Sam-yuk soy milk Monaka

http://cu.bgfretail.com/product/product.do?category=product&depth2=4&depth3=4(cu 홈페이지)


“Enjoy the savory taste of soy milk cool!”


Sam-yuk soy milk Monaka is made of Sam-yuk soy milk. The monaka is a confectionery made of glutinous rice flour and red beans. Sam-yuk soy milk Monaka are filled the with soy milk ice cream instead of red bean paste in the cookie.


Cookie have no special taste. Soy milk ice cream in cookie is bland flavor. Sam-yuk soy milk does not have a strong taste, so it feels blander when frozen. I do not recommend it to people who do not like bean and soy milk because it has a bad smell of bean. But people who like soy milk can enjoy it in the summer.


I introduced some ice cream and evaluated briefly. The assessment of food is different depending on individual tastes. So, my assessment is not accurate. If you wonder about the exact taste, I recommend you to try it yourself. Eating sweet ice cream will also refresh you. I hope you have a comfortable summer reading this with ice cream in one hand.



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