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제목 [No. 219 Article Of Culture] Korea’s Kimchi has Spread to Poland
카테고리 ArticleOfCulture

Korea’s Kimchi has Spread to Poland


Cheongdae Times Division of Culture Affairs senior reporter Jin-Hyeong Jo


The kimchi craze is so strong that Poland currently has its own kimchi manufacturers, Poles presented an online contest called 'My Best Kimchi Dish', attracting attention.


On the 30th of this month, the Korean Cultural Center in Poland announced that as a result of the 'My Best Kimchi Dish' online contest held on Instagram from the 6th to the 20th, a total of 67 people participated and showed off their skills by uploading the cooking process and finished dishes.


The competition was judged by Piotr Brus-Klepacki, a Polish chef who is conducting a Korean food class at a famous culinary school in Warsaw, and the best 20 participants were selected.


“Korean food that is particularly popular with locals is various types of kimchi, Korean chicken, pork belly, and bulgogi,” he said. “Kimchi is familiar to Polish to the extent that there are currently kimchi manufacturers run by Polish.”


He added, "Recently, as the COVID-19 outbreak has been prolonged, there are articles saying that it is excellent for improving immunity, so the demand for kimchi and Korean food in Poland is increasing."


University student Adrianna Sobinska, who was selected as one of the best contestants, said, "I am a true Korean food lover who enjoys packing kimchi fried rice and gimbap in a lunch box." Her mother makes kimchi every fall, and her father makes Korean-style champon himself, she said, so her whole family is so engrossed in the charm of Korean food.


Previously, from March to April, the Cultural Center held an online kimchi cooking class that taught five different recipes using 10 kimchi, including cucumber kimchi, nabak kimchi, kkakdugi, kimchi dumplings, kimchi jeon, and kimchi burger.


An official from the Cultural Center said, "Kimchi is already one of the most popular foods in Poland," and "Kimchi can be easily obtained not only at large supermarkets but also at small local supermarkets, and not only traditional kimchi made with cabbage and radish, but also locals such as beets and cabbage. Kimchi made with readily available ingredients is also very popular.”



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