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제목 [No. 219 Editor Note] Free time is the Irreplaceable Property.
카테고리 EditorNote

Cheongdae Times Editor-in-Chief Gyeong-Im Bok


Free time is the Irreplaceable Property. - Socrates


Half of 2021 has passed. Some people think this year is only halfway through, others think this year is already halfway through. Both opinions are not wrong. Whatever you think, there are different results depending on your mindset.


You should not let your guard down because this year is only halfway through. And you should not feel nervous because this year is already halfway through. Ahead of the final exam, you will be very tired because of the past midterms and other work. But, you have to overcome the difficult moments.


We cannot resist the current pain. So, we may do negative thoughts and act impulsively. Negative thoughts prevents future mistakes, but it can also lead to bad situations. What if I mess up the final exam? What am I doing now when others are trying hard for the future?


There are a lot of worries in our heads. You may give up what you have been doing because of complicated thoughts. Why don’t you loosen up a bit if you are in hard situation?


A short rest will be the driving force to work harder. I immediately quit my work when I feel tired while working. And I change my mood by moving body or eating sweet dessert.


Then I could get better result than before. So, stop worrying too much and take your time. The Cheongdae Times will be a comfortable place for students to relax.



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