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Division of Theater & Film

College of Art -
Division of Theater & Film

Major of Directing & Production, Major of Acting


Major of Directing & Production

As a frontrunner of the fourth industrial revolution, this major realizes the training of the creative experts the future society will demand through diverse and three-dimensional advanced practical education and broad mutual cultural approaches toward art as a whole. The film class that has accumulated 40 years of tradition, focuses the training on the composition and visualization methods of the story, and our music classes that teach various genres of music are aimed at aesthetic inquiry through a musical experience.

Major of Acting

Since the establishment of Department of Theater and Film in 1981, the Cheongju University Major in Theater has continued its 30-year tradition until today. From 2005, the major was divided into the Major in Theater and the Major in Film within the Department of Performing Arts and Film, and later in 2012, was reorganized into the Department of Theater. In 2017, they were consolidated into the Department of Theater, Film and Music, and the legacy continues as the Major in Theater.

The Major in Theater was once taught by the Late Professor Cha Bum-suk (play writer), Professor Lee Chang-gu (director), Professor Jo Byeong-jin (director), and is presently taught by the Department Chair Pyo Won-seop (director and theory), Professor Do Jeong-nim (dance), Professor Park Myeong-hui (acting), Professor Jo Min-gi (acting), and Professor Jang Gyeong-min (directing).

Also, the quality of the classes is enhanced through lectures delivered by professionals that are active in the field and in academia. The excellence of our faculty was confirmed in the assessment of Departments of Theater throughout the country carried out by the JoongAng Ilbo Newspaper. And in 2004, through a survey conducted by the college entrance portal website “School Ipsi”, our program was ranked high in terms of volunteer activity, outside activity, and per capita research paper presentations by the professors.