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Division of Humanities

College of Humanities & Social Sciences -
Division of Humanities

Major of Library & Information Science, Major of English Language & Literature, Major of Oriental Language


Major of Library & Information Science

In accord with the educational goals listed above, the Major in Library & Information Science offers training required for competency in the analysis and use of advanced knowledge and information, the planning and provision of user services, and the development and operation of information systems required for librarians and information specialists to perform their duties at university libraries, public libraries, school libraries, special libraries and information centers, records management offices, information systems and communication companies, and various other information and culture related agencies. In addition, the course of study emphasizes the ability to continue exploring and developing new knowledge in the practical field after graduation and to cultivate sound professional ethics awareness.

Major of English Language & Literature

The Major in English Language & Literature has the main objective of training outstanding individuals who are required in this era of globalization. To foster well-rounded intellectuals required by future society, various courses have been assembled that include English Literature, English Language, Professional English, and English Culture. In particular, students will develop creative and critical thinking skills through the exhaustive study of various British and American literary works, and be able to improve their English speaking skills through language training using various multimedia facilities. In addition, the lectures are taught by native English speaking professors, which provide students with opportunities

Major of Oriental Language

The Major in Oriental Language and Literature is a discipline covering a broad range of languages and cultures from China and Japan and is a field that can prepare core professionals for entering society amidst the 21st century era of East Asia.
In the Major in Oriental Language and Literature, students acquire the ability to speak two languages: Chinese and Japanese. At the same time, through multilateral understanding and intensive courses, upon graduation, students are able to use their professional knowledge in various professions.